Monday, March 5, 2012

"They are magically disgusting and they make my teeth squeak!"

I thought that buying some Lucky Charms would add a little "spark" to our mornings or afternoon snacks.  ((I must admit -I did buy the bargain brand... I mean the real thing is like a million dollars. They are proud of that little leprechaun))  Perry gobbled up the sweet cereal, all smiles, while picking out his favorite marsh mellow.  However York's breakfast treat didn't go over quite as well.  He wasn't amused by the colorful marsh mellows and at one point began dry heaving. -insert mommy laughter- I told York that they were "Magically Delicious" (that's what they say...right?) but he wasn't fooled.  He replied, "They are MAGICALLY Disgusting and they make my teeth squeak!"  Well I guess that is that.  Perry will continue to devour the sweet goodness and York will continue to ask for Fruit Loops or Apple Jacks.  Sorry General Mills... you can't win them all!

While driving down the road the Pink Floyd song (don't judge) "money" happen to come on the radio.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the song... the beginning sounds like coins clinking and registers ringing.  York pipes up from the back seat with "This sounds cool, it makes my ears tickle!"  Oddly that is how their adult fans think of their music too... hmmm!

I repeatedly told Perry not to stand in his chair = unsuccessful results.  York chimes in with "Perry is not a good listener mom!".

I was so excited to take York on a "date" the other day.  We had several things on our agenda and were having a great time.  I made sure to tell him that we were on a "date" and he referred to our date throughout our lunch and errands.  He wasn't listening and I told him that he would have to sit in time out if he continued to be ugly and he thought about this for a while.  The next thing I hear is "Mom is our date over because your mad?"

We were getting some Spring clothing at Target and we got to the checkout as she rang up our items.  I leaned over and said "York are you worth 100 dollars?" and he quickly said "Umm.. just about 20 dollars!"

"Mommy where were you?" -York
"I was taking a shower" -me
"why" -York
"Because I was dirty" -York
"I think your beautiful dirty" -York
((Worlds youngest suck up OR sweetest boy in the world)) -I'm going with the second!

"Dad, whats your husbands name?" -York
-insert mommy laughter-

I changed York's nighttime diaper and asked him to go to the potty before we put on his pull up for the day and he sweetly look up at me and said, "No but thanks anyway!".

I have to get a shot every Friday and York has learned that I go after I drop him at MDO.  He was particularly worried about me this past week.  (I've been having a reaction to the shots at the injection site and he hears me talk about it)  On the way to school he said, "Mom I hold your hand at the doctor"  (melt my heart!)

My belly button has never been a full "innie"... during pregnancy it seems to make a very noticeable distraction.  She hasn't failed me this time and is beginning to make her appearance.  York noticed it the other night while we were watching cartoons in bed and says, "ugly, ugly, ugly, your belly button is ugly!"  thanks son!  I know.

York loves the show Phineas and Ferb and they have a platypus character known as Perry.  Perry the Platypus.  He is a special agent and is referred to as Agent P alot of time.  I noticed York calling Perry "Agent P" the other day... although I didn't realize til I watched the show that afternoon that he was saying Agent.   I thought he was saying Angel P... either way SUPER CUTE

PERRY the HARLESS, Agent P, or P-Baby
is trying to keep up with his brother and is saying quite alot.
Here are a couple of his better words:
milk (mil)
bye bye
more (and will sign it as well)
Proud of my boys and am enjoying these times so very much... until next time!

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