Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I love this BEACH

Feb 2012 -Blue Mountain Beach, FL

Silly Perry

typical Yorkster

Our view from the room... A M A Z I N G
We took our last family vacation before Ramsay arrives.  I am put on "travel restriction" earlier than normal because of my preemie baby history... so we took advantage of Wesley's off weekend and headed SOUTH.  We had an absolute blast and it couldn't have come at a better time.  It was the perfect way to relax and enjoy our boys at these ages.  They both loved the beach and could have stayed all day long if we would have let them.  York actually told us to "throw the Birmingham house in the water because this condo was our new home" then he proceeded to kiss the wall and give it a hug while announcing "I love this beach".  I feel ya York-man... I could have stayed forever.  Glad my boys harbor the same love for the water and sand that their Daddy and I do.  Mark my words faithful blog followers:::: We WILL end up at the beach ONE day.  That is Wes and my shared vision for our future.  We are not sure when that day will come but we are certain it will.  We will enjoy life until then... these days are so fleeting and so fun.  Perry really enjoyed the beach and followed brothers lead of shoveling sand, crashing castles, and driving tractors on their "sand" roads.  We enjoyed a Doggy Mardi Gras parade on Saturday, a Mardi Gras country broil on Sunday, and live music on Monday!  The weather cooperated on Sunday and Monday and made for 2 marvelous days on the beach.  It truly is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find anywhere and just takes my breath away each time I look back at the pictures.  I think we Alabamians take our beaches for granted sometimes because we have all grown up going there... they are really a treasure!  Perhaps I never realized how much of a treasure until I saw my boys enjoy it. . . pure happiness. 

BABY UPDATE (19 weeks)
By the way I am almost HALF way done with this pregnancy... What?  I sometime forget that I am actually "with child" (when my head isn't in the toilet or suffering from hormonal hot flashes) then realize there will soon by another little munchkin joining our gang.  Perry has decided that is a monkey and is climbing out of his crib... so transition to toddler crib/bed will be happing this weekend.  (in his new room) I guess this is as good a time as any to prepare the nursery.  I need the walls painted, new furniture delivered, and new fixture hung in babies room.  I guess we can begin the "change"... and make it more REAL that another little life will soon be arriving!  My clothes are getting tighter and I can feel him moving all the time... Last night York was able to feel him kick!!  That was exciting... he was too young to understand or care last during P's pregnancy.  York was really happy and said "Wow her is STRONG!  her kick my hand!"  Yes he still thinks its a GIRL... I guess I will just let that go until he gets here then show him the boy parts to confirm.  York is adamit about the gender and will get angry if you try to argue.  Oh well.. pick your battles?!?!  This baby moves alot at night and early morning and Wes has been able to feel him from the outside since around 16 weeks.  Much earlier that with the other two.  FYI... his name is Ramsay (not sure If I've mad that BLOG offical) that is Wesley's grandmothers name and would have been the name regardless of gender.  The other name is undecided and I dont even have 2 front runners.  Believe it or not naming 3 boys is hard!!!  That is 6 boy names... by the way!! Most people only like 2 or 3 boy names- try coming up with 6 PEOPLE!  Very hard.  I may not name him til I see him... is that terrible? I may have to look at his little face an see if he is more of a Napoleon or Vitamaude? (unfortunately neither are in the running but both are FAMILY names -you didn't think I could just make those up did you?  afraid not)  Other that that I have my "official" anatomy scan/ultrasound Friday where I will do my best "surprise" face as the tech shows the goods.  I will update with evidence... Hope everyone is enjoying their Ash Wednesday.  Much love -Ev

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Ashley said...

Where did yall stay at the beach? I am trying to decide on somewhere to go for our little fam vacay before baby boy arrives and thought the Gulf Coast would be nice - just want to make sure we can actually get in the water!