Thursday, February 2, 2012


I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and am feeling this little guy all the time.  Although I am yet to "pooch" I am reminded of this tiny miracle throughout the day with his somersaults!  It's such a sweet time ... watching my boys grow into little men and experiencing the physical and emotional growth/ change within my own body.  Each stage is as exciting and challenging as the next.  I will begin my weekly shots tomorrow along with continued prayers that this babe will stay put as long as possible.  The shots are not the easiest but the benefits far outweight the weekly pain!  I am feeling good other than the occasional "vom" session... which is becoming further and far between!  I am CRAZY tired and cant remember being this tired with the other 2.  I feel sure that I will pop soon because I can feel the hard mass migrating out of my pelvis.  Pants are getting tighter and my hormonal rages are ramping up.  (sorry Wes)  I am already thinking about how much our Power Bill will be come July! W O W... need to start saving now.  I am already one hot hormonal mess and it is only January -granted we are having unseasonably warm weather.  I am trying to keep my miles up but some days it just isn't happening ... I am learning to cope with that.  All in all this has been an uneventful but blessed pregnancy and hope it continues that way!  Updates soon...

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