Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the day for LOVE

My sweet boys enjoying their LOVE SUGAR!

The adorable gifts the boys gave Wes and I!

Sweet Tascha (one responsible for the SUPER CRAFTS the boys made)  She is so creative and just loves my boys to death... Thanks T for being such a kind and compassionate person in our lives!

2012 brought my BEST Valentines Day yet... York walked around shouting about "Valentines day" and his Party at school!  He told me it was the day for LOVE and that he really loved his P-dawg.  I heard him tell Perry last night..."Do you know how much I luv you P?".  Wowzers.. talk about MELT this mommas heart!  To see York's face as I opened the gifts he so delicately made and kept a "secret" for 2 days was priceless.  I love that he enjoys giving as much as receiving.  What a gift in itself.  Perry of course was ALL SMILES as he inhaled one sugar cookie after another.  Perry is at such a sweet age... he adores everything York does and encourages his wacky behavior.  I hope York will always look at Perry with protective love and that P will appreciate it.  I try even now to teach the two that there is no bond like a brothers and how important it is to love them with all of our hearts all of the time.  I hope I can help their bond strengthen each day so it will never unravel... the closeness of siblings is so incredibly important.  I hope they will work to nurture that relationship as long as they live. 
A BOYS WORLD: Food for thought
 Boys Boys Boys... I try hard to understand them and relate as much as possible but it isn't easy.  Like why do boys stink? (if your a girl mom you will not appreciate this statement)... I can pull them out of the tub and they smell like a wet dog.  Not their fault... its just BOYS!  And what is with their continual need for pain or is it plain stubbornness?  If I tell the boys not to put their finger in the drawer because it will shut and HURT them and they continually do said behavior multiple times- shouldn't they learn a lesson?.... don't girls learn the first time that their action provided a unsavory response therefore they shouldn't do it a second time?  NOT the case at my house. "Boys will be Boys" is that saying finally registering with me?   I think so!  And what is with the need to growl or make "vicious" sounds at one another when they aren't 100% happy...?? Is that just my kids?  Is it really fun to sound like a character from Nightmare on Elm street?  It is really that intimidating?  Does it make mom want to growl back... is that the intended response?  And that FUN-Happy violence... you know the kind... the I'm so excited and having such a wonderful day that I feel the need to headbutt or tackle someone!  Maybe jump from couch to couch on top of parental target or climb the outside of the stairs because that isn't nearly as dangerous as ascending the more traditional way!  hmmm... thoughts?  Lastly... why does one crying child lead another down the same tearful avenue?  We have to cry in unison?  Do we NOT need a reason for waterworks?  I always thought so... 
For now I will continue to observe the weird behavior and actions of one "all knowing (because he asks WHY every other word)" handsome 3 year old and his "precious lil mimic/sidekick".  Until next time -signing out from BOY-verse

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