Monday, February 6, 2012

Jabber Jaws is on a R O L L

"How old are you York?" -mom
"I'm TREE!" -York

"That makes me do BAD things momma!" -York
(culprit: loud music)

"Look at the Chii- new on TV" -York
I look at the screen to see a Chinese gentleman

There is an African American man that narrates York's movie .. Big Rigs.  At one point in the show he exclaims "I'm a NATURAL!" as he drives a large tractor.  York watches this show nightly... to say he is obsessed is an understatement.  Recently we were watching the news and York notices...
"Mom he is a natural" -York
"huh??" -mom
"That man is a natural!" -York
((Then I realize it is an African American news anchor... York now thinks all Black people are naturals! This makes me laugh!))

"I'm hard mommy... I'm made out of WOOD" -York

I was applying my make up when York asks "WHY?"
"So I dont look ugly!" -mom
"I love you ugly momma" -York

At dinner the other night Perry began his "I'm done with my dinner so I'll scream until someone picks me up" fit and York looks over at Wes and says, "What are we going to do with this child?"

We were driving down the interstate and hit several pot holes and York yells, "You almost knock my teef out of my mouf!"

"Don't be lazy Daddy... be healthy" -York
(Trying to get Wes to play outside with him!)

"That's how I roll... in the street" -York

The other night in the car Wes says to me... "I thought Baklava was Jewish"  As I explained that it was not ... York chimed in with "I thought blocklablob was juuwich! and Jewish is a girl!"

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