Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy 14 months little P-baby!
Perry is such a happy baby and enjoys being loved on.  He is happiest when he is on your hip!  He likes to follow York and me everywhere including the bathroom.  I'm convinced that he will be potty trained before York!! He loves to sit on the little potty while we are in there.  (What is it like to use the facilities without children pulling the toilet paper off the roll, slamming the seat lid up and down while you wash your hands, or flushing while you are still going?... hmm)  He loves to snack but refuses to eat REAL food.  His daily diet includes: oatmeal, bananas, fruit cups, yogurt, an occasional chicken and stars or turkey and rice meal, and vegetable pouches.  Yes he is 14 months and I have to do the veggie pouches mixed with fruit.  He adores all fruit, fresh and dried.  Any type of snack food: gold fish, teddy grahams, ritz, crackers, peanut butter, nutella, etc.  He will not even try new food... I try to give him pieces of meat here and there and he spits it out and make the biggest mess.  I even try to get York to feed him because he loves all interaction with his bubba.  NOPE.. he clenches his teeth and shakes his head.  He is such a turkey.  Forget trying to sneak in a real vegetable at dinner... NO WAY!  It ends up on the floor or smeared all over the table... FOOD ART!  It is the most irritating thing in the entire world.  Luckily he loves his milk and drinks it without a problem most of the time.  York NEVER turned away food... N E V E R!  So this is a completely different ball game and I'm loosing!  I have spoken to our pediatrician and she suggest only offering the real thing at meal times and he will eventually eat.  I can't do it. . . I have to feed my little runt!  Even if he goes to Kindergarten with spinach and pear pouches... hehe!  He sleeps great and has since about 10 weeks! No complaints there!!  I guess you cant win them all!  He loves trucks and makes the best "truck" noises while driving them all over the place.  He also loves to point and thinks it is hysterical when you point back at him... ie the E.T!  He runs after his brother everywhere and loves to tackle him!  He will imitate A N Y T H I N G his brother does and that is D A N G E R O U S.  He recently attempted the outside of the stairs ... thank you Brother!  When York is put in time out and crying ensues Perry is right there with him... sympathy cries!  (or a symphony of cries to be exact)  Oh the sounds of LIFE!  This sweet life that I'm so blessed to lead.  The precious moments when its just me and my boys on the floor laying together... those moments can't get better.  The joy that explodes from my heart when Perry reaches over to touch his brother or York leans over for a kiss without my prompting.  The amazing things these little boogers pick up on each second.  It is truly a once and a lifetime experience that is going by entirely to quickly.  I hope that when I read these words 10 years from now the sweet feelings will spill over me and take me back to this unforgettable time.  Life with 2 boys... life that doesn't slow down, life so overwhelming it brings me to tears one moment then exploding laughter the next, life that can't be measured in words, life that proves how great our Creator is in the simple things -like looking into the eyes of your child and seeing your own, feeling their tiny fingers as they hold your hand or pat your back, or hearing the sweet words, "mommy I need you!" or "do you know how much I love you?".  Wow.. what those simple words do to a momma!  They make each diaper change, meal made, grocery trip, and mounds of laundry worth the hassle.  Truth is there is nothing like raising children... Truth is each milestone and moment is affirmation that this is what you were born to do.  I am blessed to be a mom and take incredible pride in raising the best boys I can!  I love them to MARS and back!  (( stole that from York))

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