Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bob the boy baby...

Have I shared the 2 names York has picked for baby #3?  When we first told York we were expecting he offered up the name Quesidilla for a girl and tow truck for boy.  Recently he has changed his mind to Little Girl baby or Daisy for a girl and bob the boy baby or York 2 for boy!!
York asks for "pupcakes" all of the time... "Pupcake please!" - Cupcake Please
I asked York "Do you think I WANT to spank you?"... he replied "Of course you DON'T mom!"
I was asked to "shut it down" the other day when ranting to a friend on the phone about mommy woes...
Perry would NOT stop crying in the car the other day and York told him to "lock it up!"
We went to McDonalds to get a "milkshake" and I was ordering a smoothie when York yells, "Smoothies make me nervous mom!"
York only likes to listen to "boy music" in the car (aka songs sung by men) so we were jaming to a little HEART when he interupts, "Mom, this in NOT a guys song!"
I tell York that we are on the way to see Mimi and Grandaddy and he replies, "That's wonderful... their my favorite colors!"
Instead of "I can't believe my eyes" York says "I don't understand my eyes!"
When talking to Perry while I was in the other room I hear him say, "Hey sugar pie!"
"I love you in the circle of God, mom!"
He asks all the time, "Do you know how much I love you?"  (((MY FAVORITE!)))
York why are you yawning?  "God made me yawn, silly!"

He calls EVERYONE silly goose or heifer... hmm!


The Henderson Family said...

When you left the other night, Heath said "I like that new table" - the one we had gotten from HomeGoods. York looked at him and said "Fifty dollars, Heath!" I love him.

The Harless Family said...

haha!!! he is an absolute nut but what do you expect coming from a PUNK of a dad like WES and NUT like me!!! enjoyed dinner...