Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm all JACKED up!

"Dad.. I can't fire you!" -York

"York why did you poop your pants?" -me
"God told me to!" -York

((Perry is taking EVERY toy York has in "his area"))
"P that's NOT cool!" -York

"How long have you been sitting in poop?" -me
"umm... just a couple of hours" -York

"York... what is P doing? -me
"Uh.. he's just chillin" -York

"Daddy... please shave your wis-jers" -York

"You look great today... that outfit is so cute" -me
"Yea... I look FANCY" -York

"Perry is such a ras-cer" (rascal) -York

"York, look at those birds on our hill..." -me
"Oh that's cute! just adorable!" -York

"Dad... dont grab my ear LUBE!" (ear lobe) -York

"York.. your pants are falling down!" -me
"You need to buy me a belt!" -York

"York.. you are going to have a NEW baby brother!" -me
"No... I already have a bruder, I'll take a sister thank you." -York

and this weeks FAVORITE.......

"York that is too much sugar" -Dad
"Yea... I'm all jacked UP!" -York

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Katie Phillips said...

I love these!! He is one funny little boy!