Tuesday, January 7, 2014

searching for perfection

As we brave the cold and jump back into our routines ... I begin reflecting on the past three weeks. Moving, celebrating, praising, eating, driving, shopping, singing, decorating, feasting, visiting, praying, thanking, giving, teaching, tasting, cooking, smiling, fa lalalala-ing, and ringing in the new year with family traditions... The holiday season always flies by at record speed. This year was no exception. As we moved homes exactly 1 week before Christmas with three children, two moving trucks, no childcare, and multiple doctors appointments; I was unable to dedicate the time necessary in finding amazing one of a kind gifts.  I normally pride myself in hunting down the most unique, inspiring, absolutely -hands down- most "perfect" gift for each person on my list. This year was complete fail in that department. I absolutely despise giving 'gift cards' because they are so simple and impersonal.  Unfortunately I had to suck it up and go with the wretched gift card and to my surprise it's apparently the right size, color, and fit for everyone! 

 Santa was another hurdle. I struggled with buying too much before the move because of having to box it all and risk not finding it in time for Christmas.  So we waiting until the Sunday before Christmas (Wednesday) ... Bad idea!! Everyone had the same idea and most toys were sold out! Plus I'm not a procrastinator and maneuvering the isles with others of last minute mindset was painful. The search for the best gift for my three little men turned into throwing miscellaneous junk into the cart. I had no idea what we were grabbing. And elf on the shelf was another obstacle. I didn't want to bring him out too early for fear of running out of ideas or losing him in the move. Fortunately, our elf from last year (Shotty- yes as in 'shot' gun-) brought a friend for Perry because he needed some extra attention.  Perry named him Bo Jackson and the shenanigans began. Unlike most moms- I'm holding out on all of the 'good' pinterest ideas until next year... (Real story- I forget to move him until midnight and I run into the kitchen to find a light to hang him on or jar to stuff him in)  Proving my creative powers are in a rut or I'm just tired!  

With all of the craziness and holiday madness the boys woke to gifts from Santa and celebrated the birth of our savior. We attended the most beautiful Christmas eve service and spent amazing moments with family. We made sure to emphasize the importance of why we celebrate and how we should carry that awareness throughout the year.  Although the 'perfect' gifts were not found and the house not decorated as usual... Perfect memories were made and perfect traditions began. Turns out -the stress I put into the holidays with the decor, shopping, and cooking isn't all that necessary. Christmas will happen if we are ready or not and as long as your family surrounds you and the true meaning is acknowledged and celebrated. . . then I feel that's a perfect holiday. 

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