Monday, May 11, 2009

Bring them up...

in the training and instruction of the Lord.
Ephesians 6:46
Baby slept through the first 10 minutes of graduation... My sweet brother (Chance) and sissy (Ashton)New Grad feeding York at Amsterdam's in Auburn! Daddy and York at Graduation...
Out of all of these graduates... Ashton was LITERALLY on the LAST row!
(so much for sneaking out early!!!)
It was packed... York did so good!
The "MAN" gown my mother made for York's baby dedication!
It was completely lace and absolutely gorgeous!
York waiting to go to church with his slip and bib on..
Kinda fuzzy... but this is little man sleeping through the dedication!
York on the big screen at church!
The cake and flowers at my house after the dedication...
The delicious cake from Edgars...
(color is bad.. but is was baby blue)
The Holy Bible the church gave York..
The gown hanging in his room...
Out like a light after everyone left... As you can see this weekend was super busy for our family. Saturday was fantastic... we were able to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and visit with family. York was such a doll during the graduation. The only time he even made a peep was during the national anthem which he thought was hysterical! The nursing section happens to be at the very last section in the auditorium. Ashton happened to be on the VERY LAST ROW! So our little plan to leave as soon as she walked turned into enjoying each and every 1,999th persons name before hers. York entertained us as usual and every other person in section 14... nosebleed!
We rushed back to Birmingham to prepare for York's big day... Baby Dedication! We washed clothes, mopped floors, cut grass, spray painted outdoor furniture, spread mulch, cleaned silver, wrapped all of the grandmother's "Mother's Day" gifts, wrapped Sissy's graduation present, made flower arrangements, made brownie-cookies "brookies", etc. (you get the point) Lets not forget... also feeding baby, changing baby, playing with baby, bathing baby.... LIST GOES ON!!! However... Wesley mom picked up the cake, BBQ, potato salad, baked beans, slaw, sweet/unsweet tea, and cheese biscuits. We figured it would be easier warming the food up on Sunday then having to leave church early to pick up the food...and we are lucky we did because it was POURING down rain when we left the church! I finally laid my head on my pillow at approximately midnight! York usually sleeps until around 7:30-8:00am, but he must have felt the excitement because at a sleepy 5AM he wanted to EAT and PLAY!! So that's where our morning began... Our family met us at our home to follow us to the church which is about a mile down the road. My sweet mother made Yorks gown... CORRECTION: MAN GOWN! That is what Wesley insisted on us calling it! Wes was not thrilled about York wearing a "dress" so he renamed it! As soon as he saw the beautiful creation he was no longer worried about what other "manly men" thought! (Kudos to my mother... it is the most beautiful gown I have ever seen) My mom, step dad, brother, brother's girlfriend, sister, grandmother (Goggie), dad, Wesley's mom, Mimi and Grandaddy, and father (Norman) were all in attendance. We decided to only invite grandparents and great grandparents because we did want other's to feel obligated to come on Mother's Day. After a wonderful service and our sweet baby's dedication to our church we headed to our house for a Barbecue lunch. It was delicious and we enjoyed having our family together for fellowship. It was a long but amazing 2 days. One of York's great grandmother's (Momma Jo) who was unable to make the ceremony wrote us a wonderful email ... I would like to share one part with you all.
She writes... May YORK's life be one that:
Yearns to serve God
Only chooses the right path
Reasons with integrity
Kneels in prayer each day
She is so special to us and I always enjoy her kind words and creative mind. I will do everything in my power to see that I teach York to do these things. It was a perfect first Mother's Day but more importantly a day that Wesley and I will remember forever.

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Katie and Matt said...

evan- how beautiful! what a special day in york's life. and what a gorgeous man gown!! i can't wait to see my mom's creation for baby mary thomas' baptism!