Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Months Old

Happy 5 months old little Prince...It was abnormally cold last night as we took our nightly walk... bundled up!
(cute doggy hat)
Sweet face...
Raa-Raa came to hang out!
Visit with MJ.. Center of Attention... ALWAYS!
Sue got him right to sleep...
Sweet Stephanie loves that baby!
Hanging out in the BeBe Pod!
(getting the hang of it)
Holding his brush...
Where did my Paci go?

Mae-Mae gave me a bath!! Happy 5 Months old little man!!
5 month accomplishments: holding head up well, sitting assisted- almost ready to do it alone!, rolling over both ways, laughing OUT loud constantly, holding objects in both hands, chewing on any and every thing!, found hands and feet, doing mini pushups while on stomach, loving EATING carrots, sweet potatoes, and rice cereal, enjoys bouncy seat and walker!!
He is 16 pounds and 26 inches long... we have come a long way!! He is in the 45-50 percentile in both weight and height! YAY! He is so much fun and surprises me daily with something new! Each day is an exciting adventure!

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