Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Shenanigans...

"My hair is FINALLY growing back!" "Why does mom dress me up and take pictures?"
"I loving being outside!"
"It's TOO hot out here!"
"I like to eat my bib."
"Hanging in the doorway."

"Get me out of this bouncy seat!!" "I'll give her a smile while I wiggle out of the bottom of this torture device!"
"Yes... I can sit up too!"
"Your funny, mommy!"
"Man these fingers taste GREAT!"
"GAG... Why do I keep doing that?"
"Hey Shiloh... compete with these lips!"
"I love my sweet Caroline!"
"Mommy... how many pictures are enough?"

As you can see our little man is growing BIGGER each and every day. He has also become quite the handful! He has learned "cause and effect" which is good and bad! GOOD: shakes a rattle to hear the noise/kicks his feet to move the bouncy seat... BAD: cry and mommy will come/ throw a fit and mommy will come faster/ pull Shugs ears and watch him disappear!!! He is no longer entertained by watching objects while lying on his back... he wants to be standing or sit up! He is enjoying his walker, jumper, and Bebe pod. He has begun sitting up while leaning over holding himself up (tri-pod)! YAY... it is so cute! He will be sitting on his own in no time! If you can not tell York is a big fan of baby food. He loves bananas which we began this week! It is so much fun watching him "inhale" the food. One of my parenting books states that if you feed your child slowly taking breaks in between bits your child will develop healthy eating habits for life. Well... my child is "his father's son" because if you have ever eaten dinner with Wes and I you know that Wesley is done with his meal and paying the bill before we are on bite number 2!... York is identical! He will NOT let me take a break... I have to have the next bite ready or he is furious! For such a mild mannered child this is pretty funny! The best part of my day is around 8AM when Mr. York decides to grace us with his presence. I go to get him out of the crib and there he is... giving me the most beautiful smile! It melts my heart each day and it certainly makes for a perfect morning! He is on a fantastic schedule and I am truly grateful!
8-8:30AM: wake up (BREAKFAST bottle/cereal)
10AM-12PM: AM nap
12:30PM: LUNCH bottle (baby food)
2:30-4:30PM: PM nap
4:30PM: bottle (SNACK)
8:30ish: DINNER bottle (baby food)
Finally... Wes Time! We have recently gotten on the Netflix bandwagon. We are OBSESSED! I love it! I urge you to indulge if you are not currently a member! It really saves alot of money on rentals and it is perfect for date night with the hubby! ** Just a shameless plug!
Until next time....

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