Saturday, July 10, 2010


Check out Birmingham's newest Mexican restaurant: http:// I am a "self proclaimed Mexican Connoisseur". To become said connoisseur you must eat Mexican at least twice a week. I would exceed this limit if it wouldn't turn out in D-I-V-O-R-C-E! Poor Wes absolutely HATES Mexican and cringes when I suggest it weekly. Of course, I currently have "the pregnant pass" and you better believe I'm milking it! When I heard we were getting a new Mexican restaurant so close to home (i.e the Summit -beside Flip Burger) I went nuts and began counting down the days until I would see what this chain was 'coming with'. I knew that opening night would be a complete disaster so naturally I choose the night after their grand opening to persuade my friend Kelly (always up for dinner -girl after my own heart) and her family to join us. At 5:30pm Thursday we headed up to the mysterious new place. 1 hour and 15 minute wait... YES you heard correctly... at 5:30 on a week night a 1 hr. 15 min wait!!!! After corralling York and Turner by the outside fountain for the entire 75 minutes our name was called. Let me tell you... I have never tasted Mexican so delicious. Friends of ours told us to order the Chuy-changa with Boom Boom sauce and boy was I in heaven. The Queso dip was out of this world, York's chicken fingers were fantastic,and Wes actually liked his Fajitas. So I now have a new restaurant that I will be frequenting weekly. ((hope the wait dies down)) I wanted to spread the word... If you like Mexican food and you havent tried Chuy's then you haven't lived! HA! Anyone up for lunch next week?
mom update:
She came home Wednesday at noon and is doing great. Very sore but that is expected. The surgery went well and she is headed for recovery. York and I will be going down to take care of her (let Rafe/Ashton/Terry off duty) next week. Can't wait to love on my sweet momma! Thanks for the many prayers... they worked! Love you all!


The Badyrkas said...

I have wanted to try it... guess we'll head that way soon!!

The Howell's said...

Yummmm.........I'm salivating! I may have to make a day trip up there and we could go to lunch. I LOVE mexican! And going by your standards, I too am a connoisseur. We just tried a new place Tuesday for AM's bday and it was delish!

Wes, Evan, and Baby York Harless said...

Morgan... Congrats on precious little Gaines!! Chuys will not dissapoint!

Jennifer... I would love for you guys to come visit and do lunch! That would be some much fun! We are always up for a lunch date!