Monday, July 19, 2010

My many hats...

Evan -the Nurse
Last Wednesday York and I headed to Montgomery to take care of my sweet mom who had neck surgery. She was 1 week out of surgery and was doing great. Aside from the swelling, soreness, and boredom she was her ole self. Of course she hated not being able to pick up York and play but we managed. York actually performed for her hourly. York helped me make sure she wasn't doing too much and was getting enough love.
Evan -the Wife
Before we left Birmingham we made sure Daddy was packed for the weekend (wedding in Montgomery) and had plenty of food/drinks in the fridge.
Evan -the Mom
Making sure York was taken care of while tending to my 46 year old mother. Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner/ Bathing/ Nap times/ time outs/ snack times/ Pool time/ entertaining time/ etc... isn't quite as easy while taking care of someone who had major surgery. Luckily for me she wasn't as high maintenance as I expected... she is doing fantastic. I missed my nights when Wes comes home and takes little man to the back for story time/ prayers/ and bedtime. Those 30 minutes are amazing and much needed. WE MISSED YOU DADDY!
Evan -the Taxi
Running up and down the road for necessities for mom. (magazines/ diet drinks/ snacks/ etc)
Evan -the Comforter
At the end of the week my mother's outside dog (Sasha) was acting kind of strange so my brother and I got her to the vet. She died while he was filling out the paper work. So very sad... my poor mother was a wreck. I had to remind her that "All Dogs Go to Heaven" and Sasha was playing with other doggies. Hard week for my mom...
Evan -the Antique Dealer
While in Montgomery our booth sold so many items we were told to bring some more stuff in... wow! That is a blessing and a SHOCK!
Evan -the Sister
This role I am incredibly blessed to have... although when I come in town things always tend to go haywire. I am called in to "bat cleanup". So with a couple of pseudo crisis's averted... we managed to get through the week and weekend.
Evan -the Runner
Let me preface this by saying... If you exercise in Montgomery Heat -I give you applause! W.O.W I ran several mornings that I was home and let me tell you... There is nothing like that kind of heat. It is sticky and muggy and downright YUCK! Kudos to anyone who does this on a daily basis. 3 days was enough for me...
Evan -Human Condo
Perry update: He is moving around like a bouncing bean! I LOVE IT! He is getting bigger as am I. He weighs around 1 pound and is about the size of a Ken barbie... (Wes hates that analogy!) We have begun on his nursery... i.e. next hat
Evan -the Painter
Yes... I am helping paint Perry's nursery. We are striping the walls... and if you are planning on doing so... CALL A PROFESSIONAL! It's alot of work and me on a ladder is quite the site! (pictures to follow on next post) not of me on the ladder silly! of the room!
Evan -the Used Car Dealer
To add to this exciting week/ weekend... we decided to get me a mommy mobile. After months and months of looking for the perfect fit... we finally decided to trade with my dad. He had the perfect SUV that will serve our families needs better than my car. So after much negotiation and persuasion we came to a deal. Mommy and Babies are already loving their new SUV!! Bring on the playdates, carpools, and potlucks!!
Evan -the Photographer
My sweet cousin, Meighan, got married this past Saturday. Her budget was already stretched to the limit because she paid for most of it herself... so when I offered to take her pictures for free she was thrilled. Photographers ARE expensive. (now I know why!!) As you may have noticed I take alot of photos and absolutely love it. I made sure she understood that I was NO professional and would do my best. Below are a couple of my favorites... hope you enjoy!

Meighan was a beautiful bride and it wasn't hard to convey that on camera. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Alan Evans!! May you have a blessed marriage and endless love!



Margaret said...

You've been BUSY! You did a wonderfuYou did a wonderful job with the pictures! Very professional!!

Katie said...

Love this post! Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Also, fantastic job on the wedding photos. Would you be interested in doing a baby package for Emily Kate! HA!!

Ashley said...

Busy momma!! You do take some great pics - did you take any kind of class? I have a fancy schmancy camera and need ideas of places to take a beginners course (because I love pics too)!

The Howell's said...

I LOVE this post!