Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winner Winner... chicken dinner!

York recently won a "Cutest Baby Contest" from Meredith Sellars Photography!! We were thrilled to learn he won by most votes! He beat out the competition by 25 votes! W.O.W Thanks friends and family who voted. He won a free photo shoot and here is one that she sent me this morning! He was such a trooper... we did the shoot last Saturday at 9AM with the heat index reaching 99 at that point! It was a sweaty day at the Shakespeare Festival! This was taken towards the end of the hour... I think its Picture Perfect! ENJOY!

Perry Update:
We had an appointment this morning with Dr. H and listened to the heartbeat... AMAZING! Little guy is doing great and he is measuring right on track -end of November! I have been having a little reaction to my weekly shots but she says it is nothing to worry about and the benefits definitely outweigh the irritation. I am inching closer to 23 weeks and I cant believe we are so far! I feel this pregnancy is going pretty quickly considering I live at the hospital! We scheduled our weekly shots and my sugar test for the end of August. Perry's nursery is complete and we are putting finishing touches on York's big boy room! His bed came in yesterday and everything is coming together nicely! I know I sound obsessive compulsive about having the boys rooms done so early but I did not want to have to waddle up and down the stairs in a couple of weeks. I will post pictures soon!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Lauren and Allen Oakes said...

York is just precious! I can not wait to see pictures of the nursery either! I am sure its beautiful!

Blair said...

York is adorable!

What reaction are you having to the shots? Mine hurt like all get out and I am sore for a good 2-3 days. The injection spot also itches after the 2nd day. It is tons o' fun. Oh the things we do for our kids!

Wes, Evan, and Baby York Harless said...

Thx Lauren... the rooms have been fun!

Blair -I started having red/itching after my 21 week shot (weird since I have been taken them with No problems since 16 weeks) and it leaves a large cyst-like bump. She said it was nothing to worry about and it was my body trying to say "NO MORE!" So I had another this am... no problems with it so far... fingers crossed! Your right... I would do ANYTHING to keep this one cooking a little longer. How is this pregnancy/shots going for you? By the way... the beach pix are precious and hilarious (celebrity couples)!! enjoyed that post!

Blair said...

Shots are going well. Got one tonight. They hurt every time. NO FUN!

I have started to have contractions which, at 19 weeks, is not good. I have my high risk appt tomorrow and am anxious to see what he says. I am determined to have a full term baby this go around!

Wes, Evan, and Baby York Harless said...

I have also been having some contractions... they check cervix and it looks good. They think I am having uterine irratability... due to some dehydration. Hoping thats the case... Keep me posted on your visit tomorrow! Prayers going up!

Margaret said...

He isn't just cute-hes beautiful Evan! No wonder he won!