Thursday, April 14, 2011

Say What??

Jabber Jaws weekly update

In the car on the way to "schim" swim lessons:

York - "Sching wouder momma... I yike dat!"

translation: Sing louder momma, I like that!

((Thank you York... You may be the only person on Earth who likes to hear me sing!))

In the car on the way to see a movie:

York - "Happy... movies make York happy"

((What a sweet boy!))

At dinner the other night...

York- "Daddy ... you tha bombed"

Mom -"Is mommy the bomb too?"

York -"no jus Daddy!"

((Thanks son!))

At the table for lunch this week:

I hear York telling Perry about his "goggles" and I tell York that that particular toy isn't a goggle and he says "Yes um is... Daddy says so!"

((GREAT! we are already starting this??))

I yell from downstairs:

Mom -"York can you help me make Perry's bottle?"

(trying to urge him to come down!)

York -"No mom... I too yittle!"

((He is too smart for me!))

We are driving down the dreaded 280:

York -"Wach out cars... mommy hit choo"

((Awesome! he understands my road rage!))

At my mother's house while we were away:

My mom was changing clothes and of course York is by her side...

York -"Mae Mae has BIG O BOOBIES!"

((Yes son... not everyone has A cups like your mother! eek!))

And lastly.. at dinner the other night!

York is spitting his dinner out -"I don't like yat! ucky!"

"York finish" as he pushes he plate away

((I hope this is because he had too many snacks and not because he is getting picky!))

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Ashton said...

All of these comments are PRICELESS!! Its ok to be picky.. LOVE YOU GUYS