Friday, August 26, 2011

I draw heart for you momma!

Mr. York has be a chatty Cathy lately...wonder where he gets that? Here are a few conversations from last week....

We were in the Jim n Nicks drive through waiting on our turn at the window when York looks over at Perry and says, "That's foods house P!"

We were laying in bed and York blurts out, "I can't believe this weather, mom!"

Perry was in his car seat singing "Dadadadadada" when York interrupts "He is at WORK P!"
I told York ... "You are such a pretty baby!" he quickly interjects "I not a pretty baby.. I YORK!"

York loves to draw at the kitchen table and I always come over to admire his work.. as I stood over him he looks up with those beautiful eyes and says, "I draw heart for you momma"

"What's wrong with me momma... I got gas in my tummy?"

I told York that he must eat so he would have "gas in his tank" and looked at me very serious and said "gas is in my truck in gomery mom"

York and Perry were playing on the floor when Perry handed over a car and York sweetly put his hand on Perry's head and said, "Thank you P I needed that!"

Perry loves to repeat "Da Da Da Da" and York finally looked over and said "P I NOT your daddy .. I York!"

I told York that instead of paper that we could write on this large box we got in the mail... he looked up and said, "Mom that's a great idea!"

He didn't think I was watching him as he played in the living room... He couldn't find a toy he was looking for and put his hands on his head and declared, "What the heck!"

His new thing : when asked to pick up toys, eat his food, put on shoes, etc

He repeats: "Ok OK OK OK OK"

York was sitting beside Perry at dinner and looked over and said, "Look at that mess you made P.... Oh that's just horrible"

When York comes out of time out I explain why he was there and why we shouldn't do that particular action again and I complete the lesson with "you understand?" and now he tells P what not to do and quickly asks, "you understand P?
We were walking to get the mail and York says, "I wanna go to camp it'd be great!"

We were walking into a restaurant and I asked York "who are those people?" and he replies, "Those my kids momma!"

"Mom if I eat my food, I get strong, and get muscles" yes York that is right! and he say "mom only boys have muscles ok!"

On the way to his haircut he out of the blue says, "Mom I not a boy, I'm a working man!"
York and I were having a conversation and he says, "Mom you say yes sir to me!" so I said "Yes sir York!" and he then congratulates me with "that a boy, mom!"
He has the manner part down but the gender is another story... hehe

I just love our special interactions each day... trying to write the highlights down to remember when he is older! God you are so good...

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