Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Par-tay!

It has been ENTIRELY to hot to:

go to the park

play outside

sidewalk chalk

ride cars in driveway

play ball

nature walks

go to the pool w/ both boys

or do anything outside lately!!

So I decided to rent a slide and invite some of York's friends to enjoy the wild and wet fun. My BF "K" so graciously offered her jump house to add another cool toy for the kiddo's! We had a blast and the little babies were able to enjoy the air conditioner with sweet Britney. We had a total of 11 friends and their mommies... I hope they enjoed it as much as my clan did.

Below are some pix from that day.

We completed the afternoon with pizza and fruit! What a special day and a great way to get our boys and gal (poor Kate bug -only girl) to N A P! Hope to do another outdoor get together before this beautiful weather fades...

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