Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She has done it again... was able to capture such sweet moments in an afternoon of complete and utter chaos! York was a total pill and Perry hates the HEAT... but she is so patient and kind and worked her magic yet again. She managed to get this precious time in our lives on film... I will always remember how difficult this photo session was but how beautifully the pictures came out. It is so similar to how my days go -difficult at times:

*bathing one while the other is coloring our walls, taking off his diaper, or jumping from the table to the couch

*lugging them to the grocery store while manipulating one around my waist to unbuckle the other from his seat, preventing one from running in the street while holding another, pushing a buggy, finding the keys, all while the phone is ringing

*spooning baby food into ones mouth while the other is smashing crackers into his plate and generously "salting" the area around him

*changing ones diaper while the other has crawled into the another room and has managed to fall and bump his head or smash his fingers

*going to lunch trying to buckle one into a highchair while the other is visiting with an elderly couple 10 tables away

*OR trying to lay one down for a nap and the other comes in screaming that he has POOPED his pants! baby wakes up...


Those precious squiggly lines my toddler calls art, those sweet fat fingers squishing his food -learning about texture, taste, and the word NO!, kissing boo boos, those fat thighs dangling out of the side of that highchair, my chatty little man talking to strangers as friends -pure innocence, and watching a sleeping baby are all moments that I will never get back and will always Cherish. My hard days are not hard at all only the reality of my life, the amazing gift of taking care of 2 children day in and day out. What a job... spending priceless time with precious boys. I am the luckiest girl in the world!


The Dettling's said...

Ditto & Amen! :)

The Dettling's said...

By the way, the pictures are always!!!

Margaret said...

Beautiful pictures Evan. One pretty family that is for sure! And oh my our days sound so similar! I love it too though. Every second of the craziness!