Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Baby

Sweet Ramsay is 1 month old!  Those 4 weeks flew by... I have said that before but with 3 children the hours and minutes are passing at record time.  "Little Baby", H3, Ram ba bam, new baby, Rams-i-o, or Rams are just a few of the nicknames given to our youngest.  He is an absolute sweetheart and his brothers are completely smitten.  Perry is constantly asking "where Ba-bi" and looking through the house for him.  I have told him over and over be "gentle" each time he comes over to  he says "yen-tal"!!  It is precious.  His love for his brother is visible as he looks over him with big smiles.  York loves to hold his hand and call him "new baby".  (ie "I love new baby" -York)  He talks about how little his toes and fingers are and how he didn't know he would be so small.  He says that he is a precious baby and he asks to hold him often.  They are wonderful help and I couldn't be a more proud momma.  He is surrounded by so much LOVE and I hope he can feel it through the occasional head butt, eye poke, paci shoved to back of throat, or hard "petting".  Ramsay fits in perfectly with this crazy brood and has braved the park, many restaurants, church, Sunday school, trip to Montgomery, the pool, etc.  We are on the go and he LOVES it.  Below are some pictures of sweet man at 10 days old.  He is a wonderful blessing...

Thomas Ramsay Harless you are a gift, a precious miracle, and the perfect addition to our family.  Thank you for your sweet nature, beautiful smile, and amazing heart.  You fill my heart to its brim... I can't imagine life without you.  My little baby... always.

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