Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween...

York's outfit says "I LOVE MY MUMMY!"
(compliments of Ya-Ya)


Janey (Ya-Ya) is recovering wonderfully thanks to your prayers. She is 2 weeks out of surgery and getting around great. She is most frustrated because she is still unable to pick up York. I will also say that "I MISS YA-YA THE MOST!" I took for granted that I could drop York off most anytime and go to the grocery store, doctors appointments, or run errands. (child-FREE) He is not difficult to take places but things like getting my nails done, hair cuts, or exercise is INCREDIBLY hard to do with child in tow! It is also a "mini-vacation" to be out and about alone! (all of you mommies understand that... I'm sure!) Don't get me wrong, each moment with that little guy is wonderful but an hour away makes me a much more appreciative and patient mom! So... Ya-Ya I appreciate you MORE than ever! We hope that you continue to heal and recover FAST! Love you lots!

Other NEWS... York has gotten his first pair of big boy shoes! They are brown leather Stride Rite's and are adorable. I will post pictures soon... he looks so grown up with them on! Where does the time go? He will be a giraffe for Halloween and his costume is really precious. We are headed to Montgomery tomorrow to visit with Mae-Mae and Rae-Rae. We are hoping to go to the Auburn game with our little animal on Saturday. War EAGLE! (let's hope the team that played the first couple of games will show up!) Many more pics to come!

Have a Happy Halloween!


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