Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Race for the Cure!

This is York's crazy face... we love it!
We celebrated Mae-Mae's (my mother's) birthday this past weekend!
Mom, York, and Sissy (Ashton)I did the Race for the Cure 5K on Saturday.
(this is my post race pic)
Yes... I was #11,817 -there were a couple of runners!We were trying to get a pic of my back so you can see who I ran for...
Here is a better view...
I ran in Celebration of 2 of my grandmothers who have been cancer free for over a year now!

We had a fantastic but busy weekend! I was so honored to run for such an amazing cause.. and one that means so much to me personally! We ran a 5k (for you non-runners that is 3.1 miles) and it rained the entire race! If you are wondering what is on my head... it is a pink scarf given out by Ford (Fordcares.com) in support of their campaign Warriors in Pink! They are 'warrior bandannas' that have several symbols that represent the different reasons we choose to run. It was amazing to see thousands uniting together. It was a sea of pink!

We also celebrated my mothers BIRTHDAY on Sunday night. My sissy and mom came up on Saturday and spent the weekend with us... we had such a great time. (It reminds me of how much I miss them!) On Sunday night, we took my mom to P.F. Changs where my step dad, brother, and his girlfriend surprised mom for dinner! We had a wonderful time and Rafe (step dad) even brought my moms favorite strawberry cake from Nancy Patterson's in Montgomery to the party! *He is so thoughtful!* So Happy Birthday Mae-Mae... hope it was fabulous! Stay tuned for new pics of this coming weekends Auburn game and visit to Montgomery!

**PRAYER REQUEST -My mother in law (Janey) is going to have back surgery on Thursday. Please pray she has a successful surgery and speedy recovery! I will keep you posted.

xoxo -Ev

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