Monday, October 5, 2009

Shug Dedication... with a little York sprinkled in!

Enough Hate e-MAIL!!
I will oblige my blog stalkers and update everyone on whats been happening' with the Harlesses. We are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and spending most afternoons on a quilt outside. York loves being outdoors but hates the grass. He really takes it all in... I love to watch his eyes roam and wonder what he is thinking. His life is so simple now.. Oh how tainted and corrupt the world around him actually is. If I could only protect him from life's disappointments, death, sickness, heart ache, and failure...If in his lifetime he would only experience joy, peace, and happiness...isn't that every parents WISH? Inevitably, York will have his heart broken (the poor girl that does that... momma bear will POUNCE!), make a bad grade or 2 (let's face it... he is Wesley's child), get in trouble for back talk (let's face it... he is MY child), morn the death of a family member/friend, not make a team, be passed up for a promotion, maybe even fired, etc. Those things will not only help mold him into the man he will become but also help him appreciate the amazing things life has to offer too... like his first kiss,"All A" honor roll (fingers crossed), inviting the Lord into his heart, his first car, game day, getting his diploma, landing his dream job, spending time with family/friends, meeting the love of his life, experiencing the birth of his children, understanding the love I have for him when he looks into the eyes of his own, etc. I will teach him that we do not walk on this earth alone.. that God carries us through the hard times and rejoices in the good... that God always provides no matter how bleak the situation seems and he never abandons us. I hope York will always choose the path that leads him closer to God. I pray each night that his heart will long for a relationship with our Lord. I want York to know his God so intimately that he goes to him whatever the situation. That he welcomes and appreciates God's work in his life. This is my prayer for him.

Other News:
He has 2 new teeth on top! I will post pics soon...
He also loves to pester Shug... Poor Poor Shug!

Shug tries to nap on mommy's bed - York pulls his tail!

Shug tries to enjoy the quilt outside - York pokes him in the eye!

Shug trys to catch rays on his favorite spot on the rug - York runs over him in the walker!

Shug tries to cuddle with mommy on the couch - York tries to suffocate him with hugs!

It is a love/hate relationship at the moment. York loves shug and Shug just wants him to go away. My sweet Shug's life was so luxurious before baby. He snoozed wherever he wanted on designer bed, went outside as much as possible, long walks with no leash, slept between mommy and daddy, drank Dasani water, ate table food, got expensive treats, blogs about our furry family member, and had Halloween costumes. Now he has to sleep at the end of the bed, only goes outside when I can get to him, short walks attached to stroller, tap water, baby food droppings, cheap treats, a blog shout out every now and then, and NO Halloween costumes. Man... he has gotten the raw end of the stick! (I will get him some bacon treats at Publix tomorrow! ..small steps) He is still my sweetheart pup and I give him good ole ear rubbin', belly scratchin', sneak a Dasani when Daddy isn't looking moments! We love you Shugy-Baby!!

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