Thursday, August 28, 2008

War Eagle...

So we are heading to Auburn tomorrow at lunch! The ENTIRE family... Wesley, me, Baby H, and Baby Shug. This will be Baby H's first trip to the plains! I can't wait for him to hear all of the traditional cheers, the amazing Auburn marching band, and the roar of the crowd as we score on the opening drive. He has no choice but to be a future TIGER! (sorry Rafe)

I can not WAIT to see my sister and little brother... it has been too long. I hope they are enjoying Auburn as much as Wesley and I did. The traditions (tiger walk, rolling toomers, Aubie, A-Day, toomers lemonade, etc), no responsibility, asking Dad for more MONEY, late night Willies or Krystal, all day tailgating, no job, no cares, no worries -except what you were going to wear, late nights with friends, skipping school, and the list goes on! What a wonderful time to think back on... I hope they embrace these 4 years with great friends, memories, and hopefully a DIPLOMA!

War Eagle!

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