Thursday, September 2, 2010

August in a Nutshell!

Good Bye August... Hello Football!
As the days got warmer ... momma had to get creative so we weren't cooped up in the house all day! York wouldn't have minded if we had spent each second in the blistering heat but this pregnant heifer wasn't having it! In summary we spent alot of the month in the pool, lake, I-Jump, park, lunches with friends, and visits to Montgomery. Great Pic of York, Sissy, and Pipi!
My uncles team won 47-0... it was a fantastic night!
We visited with family and enjoyed amazing food cooked by Aunt Angela!
These pictures are out of order... this is York finishing his "ritzer"!
Wesley's grandmother (MJ) makes these delicious pieces of heaven. I have learned to do these sweet treats every once in a while because York and Wes wont let them live long! Slap some peanut butter between 2 ritz crackers and dip them in chocolate... Flat Out HEAVEN!
Did I mention... this was York's very first Ritzer! I think he is a fan!
Mom... these are AWESOME!
First bite...
MJ... you have successfully turned another Harless mans sweet tooth ON full throttle!!
Too much indoor time at the lake... these 2 having a little tug of war with body parts!
York -giving "wet willy"
Turner -giving "titty twister"
(just like brothers! ha!)
I-Jump was a saving grace one August afternoon for these guys...
The three amigos hanging out in the Toddler room before Mrs. Kelly took them down the 15 foot slide!! She is too much fun... I opted to catch the boys below since I didn't want to deliver Perry at I-jump! Next up -Auburn FOOTBALL! We are headed down this weekend and can not wait! I am so excited for York to see the tiger walk, eagle fly, the boys running out from the smoke, the shakers waving, and the band jammin!! I want to see his little face take in everything Jordan-Hare has to offer! I am taking my camera, of course, hoping to catch some of his reactions on film! We were lucky enough to get a hotel room (1 of 2 left!) at the Conference Center which is super convenient to everything! War Eagle everyone and have a safe/fun Labor Day weekend!

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The Henderson Family said...

Thanks for the shout out! And the pictures of our little alien babies. I meant to steal some off of your blog for mine, oh well. Another post. I wish Turner would know how to work a fishing rod and reel like someone else I know...and watch monkeys riding dogs! Ha!