Thursday, September 9, 2010

Someone should have prepared us...

for the traumatic scene we had Tuesday morning! York and I walked into the first day of Mother's Day Out to crying babies and mommas everywhere! Wait... I thought this was a good thing! I know it can be a little scary for the little ones but MOM's get-a-grip! It is a short 4 hours!! I will say I was a tiny bit uneasy about him being away from me for the first time (with strange teachers/kids) I didn't want him to think I had abandoned him!! Luckily, sweet York was his happy self and be-bopped right into the class room. Had he cried and held his hands up for me I might have lost it... but not inside I must add! Although all 5 children in the class were crying hysterically ...York beelined it passed them to the toy car and jumped on top and began saying VROOOM VROOM! (that's my boy!) He also has a little friend, Blake, in the class and he recognized him ... they had a fun day of blowing bubbles, outdoor play, snack, art, and a nice lunch. By they way... those were the fastest 4 hours in history. I deliberately planned a morning full of errands so I wouldn't miss my little man too badly. Before I was able to finished my list it was time to pick him up! Here are some pix of the Monumental Day...York's first piece of art that is proudly displayed on our fridge!!
Eating a little breakfast before the big DAY!
In the car headed to the school...
I couldnt physically get York, his bag, the required paper towels/wipes, this belly, AND the camera to capture inside pix... Although they would have been some interesting ones! I will get some of his precious teachers and classmates soon!

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