Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We dont STOP...

We arrived in Auburn around 6:30 pm on Friday night and joined some friends for dinner at Amsterdam's Cafe. It was absolutely delicious and is always on the top of our list of things to do in Auburn. We then checked into our Hotel room and York was in heaven. He absolutely loved our room and began running around and squealing/talking nonstop! We had to let him run some of his energy out so we decided to walk downtown. It is a new tradition that the pep ralley on Friday afternoons kick off Auburn downtown festivities.... wish they would have done this when I was in school!! They close off all of downtown and the stores/restaurants offer certain specials, paint their windows, and support the team in many other ways. They have bands set up on certain streets and it is All Auburn All Orange throughout the streets. York enjoyed watching all of the people while Wes and I reminisced about the days of old! It is hard to believe that we met in Auburn 7 years ago... and my have things changed. I loved seeing York's sweet face take in all of the excitement! Below is a picture of York stading on the bed in the hotel!
Part 1 This is York stading in our window doing a "Touchdown Auburn"!

Daddy played golf on Saturday morning so York and enjoyed a little breakfast room service... it was delicious and he was digging it too!
York just got out of the shower and wanted to snuggle in the bed and watch cartoons for awhile... I didn't mind at all!
Another "Touchdown Auburn" for the camera!
(notice the mouth full!)
Saturday was a LONG day but we were able to tailgate, nap, tailgate a little more, eat some amazing food, and made 1 quater of the actual game. Although our goal was halftime this momma wasn't dissapointed to get her feet up after a day full of walking and sweating! We finished watching the game in our room with some sweet treats and cold drinks! Nice end to a long day.
Sunday we headed to the Lake to visit my Mimi and Papa Perry! We had a great time and below is a pic of York and Dad on the boat!
Part 2
York and Dad posing for a pic!
These are some pictures I took in front of Samford Hall...
Stealing some sugar!
Wesley stood in line at J & M to gets this Jersey signed by Pat Dye... York wore it well!
York and Daddy racing!

On Monday we headed over to some friends to Celebrate Labor Day. We had a delicious cookout and enjoyed the pool! Couldn't have been any more beautiful.. what a perfect weekend!

Shout out to Wes... You were AMAZING!! Thanks for taking care of York in the pool, on the swing set, eating dinner, etc... It was a much need break for me! Love YOU! xoxo

What a blessed weekend... thank for all of the great converstations, amazing food, and wonderful weather! War EAGLE!!!


Margaret said...

What a fun time! Love the picture of York in the window at the conference center..Can't beat that view! Hate we didn't run into ya'll! Maybe another game! War Eagle!

The Howell's said...

Love the pictures from Auburn, especially the Samford Hall pics!