Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Perry's Progress...

Baby "P" Week 32

How Big is the Baby at 32 Weeks Pregnant?
Your baby continues to put on weight each week of your pregnancy. At 32 weeks your baby weighs 3.7 pounds and measures about 16.7 inches long.
Your Baby's Growth and Development
By 32 weeks pregnant, your baby's fingernails have grown long enough that they reach the tip of his fingers. Some babies will have settled into their labor position - with head down, chin tucked into chest, and bottom up. Your baby may even be smiling. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, it is not uncommon for unborn babies to smile, sticking out their tongues, and even make faces.
At this stage of pregnancy, your baby's face is much more rounded and adorable!
Your Growth and Development
At 32 weeks the total volume of blood circulating in your body is about 40 to 50 percent higher than it was before you became pregnant. This added blood volume helps accommodate your fetus.
You are probably still gaining about one pound per week. Some women find that they experience more shortness of breath at this time during their pregnancy. Be sure you avoid overexertion and take time to rest during the day.
Above is from and explains what is going on with little P right now. I had my weekly Wednesday visit/shot today and am please to report that things are looking great! My blood pressure is still around 94/70, no protein in urine, no swelling (so far), no contractions in about a week, and weight gain consistent (19 pounds total). He is continuing to measure 2 weeks larger than we are gestationally. Which means he could be bigger than the average bear or our due date is off by a week or so. (since they calculate by your last menstrual cycle the dates are an estimate) Dr. H is happy that the shots are obviously doing their job thus far!! I'm still running about 4 times a week (very SLOWLY) and feel the best I have felt the entire pregnancy!! I'm in full nesting mode and have washed, hung, replaced, re-washed, folded, stocked, and moved everything in York and Perry's rooms... twice! We have been told to get a bag ready and the car seat out of the attic because we are fast approaching York's gestational week/debut! I feel certain that Perry is a tad more comfortable at this point and will decide to hang out a few more weeks than Mr. York did. I will have my last shot on Oct. 27 and if Perry decides to come after that she will not stop him! If he has not come by November 22 we will induce. So that is the plan so far... although Perry will ultimately decide when he is ready for this world!
Summary of today's post: Perry will be here in November before Thanksgiving!
What is it with me and holiday babies... ??
My 2 best friends and my sister are giving me a "sprinkle" this Sunday and I can not wait. They are so sweet to do this for a second baby!! I'm most excited about spending time with friends and family. I will take plenty of pictures and post after the weekend.

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