Monday, October 4, 2010


Perry and I were given the best "Sprinkle" this past weekend! We were sprinkled with love and many baby essentials! The decorations were precious and the company was even BETTER! I enjoyed spending time with family and friends that I am unable to see regularly. Special thanks to my Montgomery family/friends who drove up for the day and Katie (who came in from Memphis!)... It was a perfect day and Perry and I appreciate all of your love, support, and thoughtful gifts! Kelly, Janey, Mandy, and Ashton you guys did a fantastic job and I am incredibly lucky to have you all in my life! Enjoy some pix..

The day gown below was hand made by an 80 year old friend of my grandmothers... isn't it precious! I absolutely love it! Thx Momma Jo!
This handmade treasure was made by my incredibly talented mother!
I'm so blessed to have so many grandmothers... We missed our Mimi Perry and Mimi York who were both sick -prayers that they will soon feel better!
Momma Jo (stepfathers mother) M.J (Wesley's paternal grandmother)
Goggie (my mother's mother)
My cousin Jana and her sweet little one Lily!
cousin Caroline who made this beautiful picture that we will hang in Perry's nursery!
Ya-Ya and York! (side view of Mr. Perry)
Mom, sissy, and York
My sweet friends who gave the Sprinkle!
Thanks again for everyone who came and spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with us... we love you each so very much! -Perry and Ev


Margaret said...

You look wonderful!!

The Harless Family said...

you are SO very sweet... i feel really good so far! hoping it will stick around for a little longer!

Confessions said...

I LOVED seeing you. Loved it. Can't wait to meet little man.