Monday, October 18, 2010

Harless is My Name... Nesting is My GAME!

Obstetrics Frenetic house cleaning by a ♀ in late pregnancy, which is more common with the first-born child, fancifully likened to birds building a nest and preparing to lay and incubate chicks
(Psychology) the tendency to arrange one's immediate surroundings, such as a work station, to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control

So the above definitions sum up what is going on at the Harless Household... WOW! I don't think I was able to experience full fledged"nesting" with York because he came so early. I am definitely making up for it with Perry! I am driving York and Wes crazy and probably most of my friends... so sorry guys!
I'm happy to report that we have surpassed a baby milestone... I have been dreading this day since the moment we found out we were pregnant. Yesterday was the day (gestationally) that we began Labor with York and a day that I have prayed we could just "skip" during this pregnancy. Luckily I feel great and am having no signs of labor so far... Hallelujah! The weekly shots have been a constant reminder that our family may be headed for another emotional roller coaster that is "life" with a preemie... Prayers and a wonderful family support system have kept my spirits high and mind busy with thoughts of how blessed we truly are. I know that God has picked the perfect day for Perry to arrive and all of my worries about bringing home a healthy baby are not worth entertaining!! I go to the doctor tomorrow to make sure we are still sailing towards the delivery of a CHUNKY little man!
Back to nesting... I'm am completely out of control! Below are some pictures of recent "Harless Happenings" BEWARE: it is a long post!
Let's begin with current obsessions:
York has a new obsession with the play lawn mower. We have to go everywhere with it and if you take it away you would think someone is cutting off his leg... seriously! Getting ridiculous! Here are some pictures of York and his new "friend".

York and Daddy's shared OBSESSION! The golf cart... we recently bought a golf cart for riding around the neighborhood, Auburn games, and beach time! To say the "boys" have enjoyed their first couple of weeks with their new toy is a total understatement. They are IN LOVE! This is York in is jersey after our WIN over Arkansas last week... War CAM Eagle!
Daddy's second OBSESSION: deer feeders! We have put out 2 in the last couple of weeks and I feel like we have another child with what it costs to keep these feeders full of corn.. Below is a picture from my phone this morning (9am) our first doe was partaking in our corn buffet! York is loving our nightly golf cart rides to "look" at deer. He points his mini light to the right and left and says DEERS, DEERS, DEERS! It is pretty cute... so it makes this obsession A O.K with me!
Feeder #1 behind our house on the hill...
Feeder #2 across the street from our house... so long to all of my plants!
Momma's obsession that goes right along with NESTING... bird houses! I have found so many cute ones lately and I am displaying them on our back porch! Also notice the slate work that Wesley did on our porch... so beautiful and COMPLETE! (mommy likes!) Thanks BABE!
Mommy's other obsession... these amazing milk chocolate "eye balls" filled with peanut butter, caramel, or fudge. Completely sinful... YUM! I bought these little boogers for our trick-or-treaters but I doubt they will make it to the 31st! Yes those are DOTS and tootsie rolls in the bowl as well. My thinking was to put out the "reject" candy in hopes that I wouldn't be tempted but one little look from these sweet treats and I was hooked. Sorry eye balls for every placing you in "reject" candy territory... never again! And my son is a sucker for the DOTS... he can almost reach the bowl to grab a box! Wesley opts for the traditional tootsie every once in a while... IN SUMMARY: this bowl stands NO chance!
This is a picture of two little boys playing on the beach... I thought it would be perfect in our Kitchen! I finally got around to hanging it this weekend (thx nesting) and I absolutely love it! I cant wait to spend time on the sandy white beaches with all of my boys... cant wait to make those memories!NESTING hits a NEW LEVEL
pictures framed- check!
Paddles rehung- check
Ships bell hung and frame made- check
autographed AU ball in glass- check
new books & keepsakes in book case- check
York driftwood original- check
curtains hung- check
fishing lure strung-check
re arranged bedroom- check
step stool (aka ottoman) for bed- check
both car seats installed- check
Bassinet cleaned/washed out of attic- check
pack-n-play washed -check
Diapers/ wipes from newborn to size 3 stored -check
bottles/pacifiers washed -check
Bed raised- check
new sheets- check
mobile out of attic- check
new boppy cover- check
bears assume position- check
Newborn to 3 month clothing washed and hung- check
drawers full of bibs, burp clothes, socks, onesies, gowns, shoes, diapers, wipes and creams- check
notice Perry's bag packed for hospital on the far left- check
sweet day gown Perry will be coming home in- check
Blue bunting Wesley's grandmother made for Wesley that Perry will wear home (if its cold)- check
Some tiny little monogrammed things for Perry -check
(I've been so worried that Perry would have everything handed down from York that I have been crazy busy having Slags Rags personalize anything/ everything I can find!)
York's new lunch box... isn't it GREAT!
York's Halloween outfit- check
Yes ...he will be a golfer to go along with his cart!
If Perry comes before Oct 31st (Lord willing he will wait a bit longer) he will be a gofer and we will celebrate all things Caddy Shack!

Dear Nesting,

Thanks so much for your visit... I have managed to finish everything for Perry and juggle daily playtime with York, supper for Wes, and time for friends. You are like a drug... wish I could bottle you up and SELL you! Along with your help I have planned York's 2nd birthday (cake/invitations/napkins/decor/inflatable/etc), set up newborn photographer, baby announcement/ Christmas cards, and begun Christmas Shopping! You are just what the doctor ordered! Your presence in my life at this time is much appreciated! If you don't last much longer... It was a good run!


The Henderson Family said...

Okay, several things:
- Did you take down the blackboard/announcement board in the kitchen? Where did you put it?
-Turner needs his own lawn mower - add that to the list of things he tries to beat York up for
-It says nesting occurs more often with your first child in that definition. I disagree - had it just as bad with the second!
-I am obsessed with the golf cart, too.

The Harless Family said...

-No... I hung this to the left of the sink (blackboard still displaying baby announcements)
-DO NOT BUY T a mower... thats what i'm getting him for bday!
-Nesting is REAL... definitely agree that the definition isn't correct!
-you guys still trick-or-treating with us on the cart?

Ashley said...

I think this is my favorite post you've done to date. I giggled along with it bc I remember being like that with Katie :) Love it!

The Howell's said...

WOW! You have been busy! And by the way...I LOVE the reject candy!!!