Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Baby...

Perry and I had our weekly doctor's appointment today and things look GREAT! We went ahead and scheduled INDUCTION day... WOW! Partly because I am a control freak and also for the sake of planning for Turkey Day! We choose November 23 the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I really wanted the 22nd because that is my sweet Daddy's bday and Mr. Perry's namesake... but our insurance wouldn't let this guy budge a day before 39 weeks! So we will settle for the 23rd and plan to take Turkey and Dressing to the hospital!! Dr. H doesn't think we will make it to Induction Day but I guess we will see... I would be thrilled if he decided to make his debut sometime around the 9th... only because he will be 37 weeks gestation and good and FAT and ready to be loved on and brought home immediately! So much for planning... 3 more shots to go and it will be up to Perry and me to keep him "cookin". Below is a picture from York-man this morning at the doctor... he was such a great sport considering we were in the waiting room for an hour and a half!! He is all smiles all the time... I just love this little guy! (notice our chair-o-toys) York and Mom's new obsession... my double stroller! York will no longer acknowledge the B.O.B. He climbs up in the new stroller and points to the other seat and says "Down" ... wanting me to sit beside him! Hilarious! We took him and "imaginary friend" on a walk for the first time last night... It drives like a dream!!
Just a swingin...

If your wondering if the play set is complete... It's NOT! That's okay because the swing -swings and the slide- slides! We are in business... happy Tuesday everyone!

Also a little shout out to my MOMMA (aka Mae Mae) Happy Happy Birthday!!... enjoy your relaxing beach get away and come visit soon! We love you!

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