Monday, October 25, 2010

Perry Update...

This past Friday I began to experience some back pain/ labor. I watched the AMAZING Auburn game in bed on Saturday and attempted Church on Sunday. After the first 40 minutes I was unable to finish the service. Wes and I went home and shortly after I began having irregular abdominal contractions along with the back pain. It was exactly like last time ... de ja vu! We decided to wait for the terrible storm to let up before driving to the hospital and waking York up. At 4AM the thunder and lighting got the best of Mr. York and he joined us in our bed (where we were counting contraction -length and frequency). We decided to head on to Labor and Delivery because Wes would be able to help me with York and if I waited until he went to work then I would have to take York by myself. (possibility of getting admitted with a 22 month old... not a good idea!) We arrived at the hospital and I was immediately put on the monitors and checked. Although my contractions were occurring somewhat regularly I was not dilated or thinning!! Music to my the sweet nurses plugged me up and brought me ice chips York began "working" the hallways! He was running up and down (Wes chasing him) telling all of the new mommies and babies about his tractor pajamas. **Remember: It is 5AM and I'm sure these families don't want to be awaken by my son yelling "Trat-tor"! But then I guess it is good practice for what they are "in" for!!** I was given my first shot of Brethine (drug to help relax uterine walls- i.e STOP contractions) ... I received shots of this with York and I forgot how awful it makes you feel! It makes you shake, jittery, and unable to catch your breath. Luckily, it basically flat lined the contractions!! Dr. H didn't want to admit me because I wasn't dilated.. but assured me if I begin to feel anything else or need piece of mind just to come right back! She said that things can change at any moment but with the combination of my weekly progesterone shots, Brethine pills, and BED REST we hope to keep him "cookin" for at least another week or two! Yes you heard it... the dreaded BED REST! I have been "in bed" for approximately 5 hours and I'm going C-R-A-Z-Y. I am not a napping, bed riding, or sit still kind-of-gal! I need to be doing something. So I have begun finalizing York's party details (cake/invites) and some ordering Christmas gifts online. If you guys need anything that I can do from the comfort of my own bed... Just let me know!!
Prayers Please! I will keep everyone posted.. I feel good and hope Perry does too!
Much love, Ev
PS. The coundown ticker on the right side of the blog is not my actual gestion in weeks... it is the countdown until my induction day (Nov.23)... Which puts me at 39 weeks. So technically I'll be 35 completed weeks on Wednesday. FYI... that is why we are trying to keep him put for just awhile longer. Just wanted to clarify!!!


Confessions said...

oh sweet evan! i'm so sorry you're on bed rest but praise the Lord that it's only for a short time!! looking forward to meeting perry. :)

Blair said...

Good luck! I'll be praying for you. Hopefully the bed rest will help. And trust me, use the bed rest to your advantage. SLEEP as much as you can. I am actually a bit sad I haven't been put on it yet. I know I need my rest before #3 rocks our world.
My contractions have started to kick it up a notch, so who knows.

And I didn't think the Auburn game was *that* amazing. :)

Though the better team did win. (Man, that was painful to type!)

Allison and Karl said...

Evan, I'm so sorry you're on bed rest. I know you must be going stir crazy! I'm just so glad Perry didn't make his debut yet and that the medicine is working for you. I'll be praying for you both (and Wes and York too). If you need anything at all, please call me. I'll do anything for y'all!